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About Offshore Support Nord AS

OSN is an innovative provider of all base / logistics services in the product areas MA / Logistics, including storage, repair, preservation, and electrical service for all offshore and maritime equipment. (Boat and Rigg)
We focus on complete solutions for customers in the Base Support for offshore related industry / builders and others. Our customers are offshore related industries with Equipment / goods flow requiring electrical service, storage, repair, and preservation for short or long periods.

Our main strength is the qualifications and experience of our employees. Our strong knowledge in all stages of the MA / logistics chain makes it safe for our customers to entrust their equipment and cargo in our hands.
Maintain Focus on your core business while we take care of all Base support as Material Administration (MA) and logistics.

Our Business Idea

OSN AS will through a local presence in Tromsø area, develop new profitable and global supply chain solutions - At Base Support North.

OSN AS will be a local, creative and international provider of MA / Logistics including storage, repair, preservation, shipping, electrical service for all offshore and maritime equipment. (Boat and Rigg)
Through generel Base Support and growth, we will be a workplace where our employees are challenged and can develop.

Our focus will be on personal contact and follow-up of our customers, and rely therefore on proactive monitoring of the service and the need defined.


Our vision is to provide complete solutions at the right price, integrated storage and MA / logistics solutions to our customers with high quality, safety and flexibility.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Our Project Service Team are on hand to source the services and personnel you are looking for.