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The Port of Tromsø is one of Norway’s largest Fishing ports and cruise ports. It is also an important logistics hub in the High North. Our ambition is to be the preferred energy port in the North.

Port of Tromsø

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The Narvik region has providers that offer different products, goods and services to rigs and vessels in circulation.

The petroleum based supplier industry in the region include suppliers in project management, design and enginering, lifting operations, alterations, repairs, certification, safety and emergency preparedness, etc.

In addition, the industry supplies services related to hotels, transportation, food and consumer goods, as well as IT systems and support, cleaning, office and other office equipment, wholesale trade, power generation, construction, freight, passenger transport, security services, hospitals, etc.

Narvik University College educates engineers within most disciplines.

Narvik harbor is close to the center with all the city's amenities.


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