Shipping, Oil & Gas Industry

Whether it is shipping or the offshore industry, our Project Services Team ar on hand to source the services and personnel you are looking for.

  • Logistics

    We plan, manage and organize your equipment / goods and information flow for the customer. We optimize goods, and equipment flow to get the highest possible efficiency through good service and low costs.

  • Service and Repairs of Offshore Equipment

    The skilled professionals of Offshore Support Nord AS perform service and maintenance on all types of components. The company has a special department for field service that travels out and do this on rigs and boat both domestically and abroad.

  • Storage and Preservation of Equipment

    We have a workshop and equipment mobilization and maintenance of subsea equipment, warehousing, pressure testing, recertification, preservation and electro.

    We offer services in areas fitted on a base or in a harbor environment. We build special oriented expertise as both we and our customers can benefit from. These services are not in competition with the port-related tasks, but will be complementary offerings in the supply chain.

  • Electrical / Electronics

    We carry out projects in which we repair or servicing electrical systems, with components possessing electrical or electric motors, generators, drives, main boards etc, to offshore, yard business and shipbuilding industries.

  • Plumbing / Plate - welding / Mechanical repairs

    Today we have requirement of certified plumbers / welders on most products of larger species within pipe laying and welded joints. Especially in the oil, gas, infrastructure and maritime requirements are strict. Our employees are customer-oriented and service-minded, certified with optimized mobilization.

    Our welders / mechanics / plumbers possesses:

    Theoretical and practical knowledge of the job according to specific criteria / specifications.
    Overview of the different factors that work together in the welding process.
    A thorough understanding of issues that characterize the art, and are critical in the their assessment of the work performed.

  • Mobilization / Demobilization

    Cranes and trucks for mobilization and demobilization of rigs / vessels. Welding and metal work for sea fastening, electrical work, fabrication of steel and aluminum, waste handling, hoses and connections, lifting / rigging equipment, consumables / tools etc. for workshops and offices.

  • Design and Engineering Services

    OSN AS has personnel with engineering competence that enables us to provide assistance in several areas.

  • Technical Assistance and Inspectors

    OSN AS have personnel with the qualifications and experience from offshore and shipbuilding industries which enable us to provide assistance in several areas.

    We also have a large network of partners who can assist in a number of areas both on Subsea / Rigging and ships.

Let Us Help You Find What You Need

Our Project Service Team are on hand to source the services and personnel you are looking for.